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Desktop high-speed silicone dispensing system is a special silicone dispensing equipment, is very suitable to use silicone dispensing, dispensing function is also very good, can be used to many industries, particularly in the electronics industry, the ind.

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Due to the advantage of our countrys labor does not exist, in the production of products are inclined to the direction of intelligent and efficient, the application of high performance equipment is essential, high speed dispensing machine to replace the t.

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With the application of dispensing technology continues to expand, dispensing machine has become an important manufacturing equipment in the production of general high speed dispensing function meet the work requirement and production quality more compreh.

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The dispensing machine has a good role in promoting Chinas modernization of industrial development, the majority of users in pursuit of a stable and efficient mode of dispensing, our goal is to meet the needs of this part of the users dispensing, here to .

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The manufacturing industry has been fully developed in recent years, with the continuous improvement of production techniques, including bonding and packaging requirements more and more high, the traditional dispensing equipment has been unable to meet th.

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Desktop type structure multiple high-speed dispensing machine in the dispensing industry belongs to a highly efficient dispensing equipment, most of Chinas manufacturing industry needs to be applied to the dispensing process, this kind of demand of produc.

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Desktop type structure multiple high-speed dispensing machine in the dispensing industry belongs to a highly efficient dispensing equipment, most of Chinas manufacturing industry needs to be applied to the dispensing process, this kind of demand of produc.

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With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years a variety of levels, suitable for industrial production line equipment attendant, dispensing machine is a kind of adhesive dispensing equipment package, market demand growth make a .

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High speed digital dispensing machine is based on the human hand to create, make its easy operation and use, mainly used in various parts of the small part of the package dispensing, by the working effect of environmental intervention is low, with advanta.

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Desktop dispensing machine is mainly used in small manufacturing production, responsible for the work package or adhesive, some production requires the application of the bottom filling process, the underfill technology makes the object more anti shock an.

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Online type called UPS, meaning is refers to the use of production in the pipeline, but an uninterruptible power supply, the battery is connected with the host, the host can direct current into alternating current in the storage battery, mainly to UPS in .

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Lift type dispensing machine commonly known as Longmen, generally refers to the desktop type high speed dispensing machine, which uses Longmen desktop dispensing equipment structure as the work platform, with the continuous development of t...

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PU polyurethane material, which is a polymer chemical commonly used polymer material, officially defined as the fifth plastic, can be used as a sealant can be used as adhesive, can be used in chemical and electronics industry adhesive links...

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The inductance coil is energized by the multi circle winding conductor on the insulator, and then each wire between each other is not conductive, resistance to the constant current is very small, which can make the low frequency signal to s...

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Optical Desktop is a kind of material which provides the light source of optical communication, its position in the last century since 60s has attracted peoples attention, then the fiber through continuous development has been able to do low...

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Fluorine rubber is a chemical oil and high temperature resistant, due to its characteristics and is often used in the automotive industry in the oil seal, gasket and the sealing ring is made of fluorine rubber, in which the entire production...

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Is a conductive silver paste performance, because this configuration requires the use of glue to silver metal, the conductivity of silver is better, is generally used in membrane switch circuit board is electrically conductive, reflect the u...

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A semiconductor is a semi insulating material, usually used for circuit board components, the material development has brought more development space to the society, the integrated circuit is more and more high, the beginning of the manual d...

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