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Aluminum silver paste high speed dispensing machine needs cl

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The use of heavy metals like aluminum paste with glue mixture, is used for a special glue in the electronics industry, high-speed dispensing machine is the use of aluminum paste is improved only after use, high speed dispensing machine is unable to use the ordinary aluminum paste, because there is no needle after plating, electroplating is the use of a metal plating to other metals, the needle is coated with a layer of protective film to prevent the corrosion of aluminum silver.
Glue sleeve needle for high speed dispenser
The use of needle cylinder aluminum silver high-speed dispensing machine is the need for cleaning, because the aluminum paste is corrosion, but also adding heavy metal glue, corrosion resistance will be higher, although the needle after plating a layer of corrosion protection, but a long time will be clean after each use of corrosion, high speed the dispensing machine should be cleaned of needles.
Cleaning syringes in addition to prevent corrosion, and can prevent the glue plug, the aluminum paste is a very high concentration of glue, and after plating, the needle cylinder on both sides of the friction coefficient will increase, the use of high speed dispensing machine, suction valve suction function can not be completely recycled aluminum paste, will have the most the glue residue in the needle cylinder, after long time without cleaning will be inside this hardening, the loss of business is relatively large.
Detergent for high speed dispenser
After the day finished using high speed dispensing machine, cleaning aluminum silver needle in electroplating is good, because the aluminum paste after a period of time will not deteriorate, no need to end the use of aluminum paste immediately sealed, so the glue second days in electroplating cylinder is not in use.
High speed dispensing machine for aluminum silver paste
After the completion of the use of the galvanized silver paste high-speed dispenser, the use of silver paste high speed dispenser cleaning agent, which is also conducive to the use of dispenser.

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