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High speed automatic dispensing machine belongs to the comprehensive function and applicability is very broad industry equipment, which can enhance the efficiency and quality of the user demand for products, and also can reduce the cost of human resources.

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With the rapid development of science and technology in China in recent years, the popularity of the dispenser is more extensive, for example: printed and sealed precision machinery, electronic device stripes, electronic components of the paste, and IC pa.

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The Longmen cantilever high speed glue dispenser is a kind of automatic glue dispenser. It has a special cantilever manipulator and a Longmen mechanical structure. The cantilever structure is beneficial to the fixing of the needles of the spot glue, and t.

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The on-line battery high speed dispensing machine as the name implies, dispensing link is mainly used in battery filling, automatic dispensing mode most of the time to help users save, through uninterrupted power supply technology for mass dispensing work.

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The design inspiration of Longmen type high speed dispensing machine mainly from Longmen crane, the double support structure to achieve high work load, compared with the traditional single arm support is more stable, dispensing link so it is widely used i.

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General storage glue dispensing machine are used in rubber specific, this rubber is generally the use of rotational molding manufacturing, and high speed dispensing machine will achieve high speed automatic dispensing work, glue demand is relatively large.

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Metering type high speed dispensing machine overall use of stainless steel, some parts are not used dispensing machine of stainless steel, so there will be some dispenser parts are consumables, after a period of time to carry out a check on the dispenser,.

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The dispensing process is relatively complex single execution micro dispensing every link may affect the final effect, need to do the preparatory work, the five axis high speed dispensing machine is a machine capable of performing repetitive micro dispens.

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Five axis high speed dispensing machine is a combination of a variety of dispensing machine body, a can at most, according to a variety of dispenser dispensing machine combined with the characteristics of manufacturing, with the advantages of dispensing m.

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The main application stage in each dispensing equipment manufacturing or packaging is responsible for the adhesion work system can quickly complete the dispensing work target control through precise dispensing, the operator can imtely complete dispen.

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Pinch valve is a type of high-speed steel working parts of Longmen inside the dispensing machine, also called air valve and pinch off valve is mainly used for liquid barrier effect, whether it is the glue or oil and other special liquid can be used, has t.

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Deep groove ball bearings called radial ball bearings, because it depends on the rolling operation, so the friction is low speed high, widely used in high voltage motor or machine, wherein the dispensing work can also be used to deep groove ball bearings,.

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High availability in the manufacturing industry of vertical high speed dispensing machine, is mainly responsible for the packaging or dispensing docking work which can be used for a variety of multi axis dispensing work, except for the configuration to me.

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High speed dispensing machine need to use rubber fiber is special, because the amount of glue dispensing needs more fiber, rubber tube generally cannot store required rubber content, and fiber dispensing is generally used in large high speed dispensing ma.

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There are two kinds of module is called automatic identification module and game module, automatic identification module used in high speed dispensing machine use, use module with scanning function, equivalent to using visual positioning system technology.

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The mechanical arm high speed dispensing machine refers to a device for controlling the dispensing valve and dispensing needle, can assist the dispensing of three-dimensional operation, is conducive to improve the speed and ensure the quality of dispensin.

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High speed dispensing robot actually belongs to collectively, it is also divided into many different types, which is with high speed dispensing machine to use the glue between the glue dispensing characteristics, each one has its own merits, is not the sa.

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Micro high speed dispensing machine is a realization of high speed precision dispensing machine work, mainly used in chip packaging and components adhesive etc, because of its unique configuration of the special screw valve so to complete most of the work.

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