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The emergence of dispenser has brought great convenience to our work, full automatic working mode saves human resources and material resources for the user, directly out of the traditional manual dispensing, of course, the use of dispensing equipment ther.

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The requirements on the working environment of most dispensing equipment is very high, a high speed CNC vertical dispensing machine belongs to large dispensing machine, in order to achieve the best working conditions, there are many places that should pay.

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In our use of high precision cantilever high speed dispenser normal dispensing work, the working environment for our production has a direct impact. The impact of the environment on the work may sometimes be fatal, not only the dispensing opportunities ar.


There are two kinds of module is called automatic identification module and game module, automatic identification module used in high speed dispensing machine use, use module with scanning function, equivalent to using visual positioning system technology.


The use of heavy metals like aluminum paste with glue mixture, is used for a special glue in the electronics industry, high-speed dispensing machine is the use of aluminum paste is improved only after use, high speed dispensing machine is unable to use th.


Aluminum silver high speed dispensing machine use pump has many kinds, the best is the measurement of gear pump, the pump technology is mature, with good dispensing technology, to control the amount of glue can reach 0.05mm, precision control technology, .



Dispensing machine generally choose the use of straight type of dispensing needle, bending, dispensing needle suitable for use on the dispensing machine? Can the multi position high-speed dispenser be dispensed with a curved dispensing need...



Shenzhen business automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in R & D and production and dispensing dispensing machine parts manufacturing company, adhering to the construction of industrial 4 concept, the positive development of the automation industry, electronic manufacturing industry and solve the complex and precise dispensing process, through the unique design and development of the mechanical industry for all types of dispensing products. Manufacturing experience dispensing machine production in Shenzhen Business Automation Machinery Co Ltd has many years, and has completely independent intellectual property rights and development capability of dispensing products, in 2017 the formal establishment of Automation Machinery Co. Ltd. Shenzhen system, the same year the odd combination of electronic commerce network inion limited company set up operations in the "world factory" said in Dongguan, business automation always stand on "person, gains and losses; learn from history, one can know


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