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PU plastic dispenser need to do what maintenance work?

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Whether it is industrial production equipment more durable are related to the need for maintenance in order to maintain the normal use, so the maintenance work should be paid enough attention, and the PU high speed dispensing machines often use some special glue dispensing work, these special glue dispensing machine may give the normal use of a certain impact, so regular maintenance work can help dispenser better achieve high-speed dispensing.
High speed desktop type AB glue dispensing machine
Regular lubrication equipment is an important maintenance work, deep impact PU plastic often use these special high viscosity glue due to high speed dispensing machine itself, the device through regular lubrication can help the machine to do the job better. Of course, also check the oil quality is qualified in the maintenance process, good lubricating oil is bright and uniform white, clean and free of impurities of oil floating, and can be used to describe the viscosity and moderate.
Full automatic high speed dispenser
Other auxiliary dispensing tool but also certain cleaning and maintenance, such as dispensing arm cleaning, mechanical arm in PU special high viscosity glue, often with residual adhesive in the dispensing needle, lubricating oil wipe can erase these residue, when the slide still keeps the mechanical arm dispensing work it must be completed in the dispensing operation carefully after checking whether there is oil manipulator moving the oil attached to the slide for too long is likely to cause the plane rough, manipulator operation problems such as poor.
Dispensing manipulator
The most important thing is the operator's own work of professional knowledge, high speed dispensing machine is easy in PU glue these special glue when the different status in the chain need to carry out minor adjustments to work properly, so the operator to ensure the normal work of hand on the dispenser itself pay attention to maintenance.

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